In fact, Domino Electronics (Domino Band Expanders) was an original manufacturer of FM Band Expanders and continues to this day, manufacturing one of the smallest units available.

Domino Band Expanders manufactures large numbers of FM Band Expanders  each week from its Christchurch plant and distributes to 27 countries worldwide - all of which import Japanese vehicles.

The New Zealand manufactured FM Band Expanders are one of the smallest available, but still maintain a strong stable signal. 

Domino Band Expanders also offers a great range of Adaptors, Extension Leads and Power Injectors.

The company is well respected for delivering high quality product in a quick time at a good price. And when it comes to looking after their clients, we at Domino Electronics will always start in pole position to get you a podium finish.

The A-EURO-M is used when replacing the factory aerial with an aftermarket aerial with the NZ connector.Adapts aftermarket antenna to the factory radio.Audi/BMW/Mercedes/VW antenna adapterFeatures• Shielded to Eliminate RFI/EMI Interference• Motorola/Standard (Female) to European (Male)Used In:• Audi• BMW• Mercedes etc
Our Standard Box FM Band Expander is the 'original' Domino Electronics Band Expander and was universally used in most vehicle radio’s up until about 2005, at which time vehicle manufacturers started using their own style of plug in the original Japanese radios. However, these are still used in some vehicle radio’s in later model vehicles. All our Band...
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