Honda Od unit 14MHz - Car Radio FM Band Expander

Part Number: HONOD14
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Part Number: HONOD14

The Honda Od FM Band Expander is designed to meet the needs of later model Honda in particular Odyssey radios in cars, vans and SUVs from 2014 on.

This design of the unit is a small tube styled Band Expander, which enables easy installation behind the car radio. Due to its’ size and weight, it also makes the Band Expander suitable for shipping.

Our Honda Od band expander has the correct plugs for Honda Odyssey vehicles, which means there is no need to purchase adaptors as well as a Band Expander. All our Band Expanders contain a by-pass within their circuitry which allows current to pass through the FM Band Expander to the antenna amplifier fitted at the base of antenna.

Our units are tested twice to ensure only the best quality leaves the Domino Electronics factory. All our units are small which makes them ideal for shipping.

Available in 10Mhz and 14Mhz

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